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October 24, 2019

It is week 4 of the One Room Challenge and the finish line is officially within view! I called an audible this week and shifted our focus a bit. There were a couple of reasons for this necessary shift, first, the wall behind the desk and floating shelves just seemed so blah to me. It was very apparent that it needed something else. Second, this week was supposed to be all about lighting. However, the light fixture I initially chose for the space just did not work out. I was trying to be cheap and it really did not pay off for me in this situation. So, I moved on past the lights and decided to do something about that blah looking wall. After searching pinterest and the internet for HOURS… I finally landed on this design. 

I felt like it was simple enough, but that it would also add just the right amount of depth and visual appeal to the space. I even shared the image on my Instagram stories and asked for feedback. I was thrilled to learn that 95% of my followers also agreed that the design would look great! Since hubby was also on board we headed over to our local Lowe’s and got to work. 

From a materials perspective, we used 1 1/2-inch wide x 1/4-inch thick x 8-foot Lattice Moulding strips from Lowes. We first sketched the pattern on paper and found that we wanted to have the double “V”s pattern going across the wall. We disassembled the shelves and began the work. So we cut the trim to create borders along the outer walls and then three pieces to divide the rest of the space into equal sections (or so we thought).

After setting up the vertical strips it was time to begin cutting the diagonal pieces. We cut two lattice moulding strip pieces with 45-degree cuts to fit the space. That didn’t work perfectly! Ughh (or a deep sigh if you were my husband). We quickly realized that we would have to cut each piece as we went to ensure the fit AND an even pattern across.

The pieces were attached to the wall using a finishing nail gun. We filled the nail holes with wood filler and any seam gaps with caulk. We then sanded and painted the wall, rehung the shelf supports, and remounted the shelves. 

Normally, when you add trim to a wall like this you would add liquid nails. In our case, we decided not to because we are not prepared for this to be permanent. In the event (or rather when), I change my mind I would like to be able to easily remove them. The shelves being in front of the trim, along with the fact that our kids do not frequent this space make me feel pretty comfortable with them only being attached by nails. 

I am very happy that we went ahead with this little addition. It adds just enough to the space without being too much. I am super excited to style this space and to settle in and start working and creating here. Make sure you go and check out the other participants of the One Room Challenge here!

  1. kate pearce says:

    Looking absolutely fabulous!

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you Kate!

  2. betsy says:

    I never would have thought of that – it looks fab! adds interest without competing with the stencilled wall. well done!

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you! That was definitely my goal!

  3. Deb V says:

    It’s looking amazing Stacie!! Love that wall.

  4. Love! Love! Love!

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you Angela!

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you Christine!

  5. Brianna says:

    I love that addition! Awesome idea.

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you Brianna!

  6. Ok so I’m feeling this.. you and I faced the same dilemma..I want something behind the computer area for some pop.. and you gave me an idea. I’m happy to see it’s coming along really nice! I can’t wait to see

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you! Let me know if you decide to do it or something similar!

  7. Bilha says:

    The Accent wall looks amazing. I am also working on an accent wall as well and had a challenging time with the 45 degree cuts so i ended up switching the whole design. But thats okay i will find a way to style it better for the final reveal. Either way your accent wall looks stunning!

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you so much! I need to head over and check yours out!


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