DIY She Shed Interior Reveal and Sources

October 19, 2021

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The She Shed is done-ish! On my Instagram post I shared that it is 96.8% done. I feel like we are just above the 95% mark, but it is done enough to share and move on to other projects. I feel like we have been working on this space for 100 years! I mean we did get it back in like March or April and it is now October and we are just now at this point. But like I always say, I am slow cooking greatness in my house, not microwaving it. So it takes time and that’s okay! At the end of the day, this space is everything I imagined and more! 

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All About the Color Green

I saw an image a while back of an all green room and I fell in love! I’ve shared before how my favorite color was forest green growing up. I could not be bothered with the pinks and purples like all of my other friends. I think a piece of me still loves a deep, rich green color and I am having fun integrating it in various spaces in my home. I found this chair at Target and decided to base the color of the room on it. I took a piece from the bottom and had it color matched at Sherwin Williams. As a result, I do not have the exact color of the paint but there are so many colors that are pretty close like Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams (this is the color I used in my half bathroom refresh). 

The She Shed is obviously not super big and it gets decent amounts of light, but it is definitely in a more shaded area of our yard. Instead of fighting with the lack of light, I decided to lean into it and paint all of the walls and ceiling in the green color. I absolutely love it! It gave me just the right level of coziness and warmth. 

I ordered this Besta cabinet from IKEA back when my office was still in the mom cave (this was before I learned it was against code for my office to share a space with the water heater). So instead of starting the search over for another console piece, I decided to use it in the She Shed. To jazz it up a little bit, we added door pulls. I love how simple they are while still being so beautiful and inexpensive! I’ve been wanting a record player for so long! This seemed like the perfect space to add one and I love ending my work day out here with an album before returning to my men folk! I think this Victrola record player is amazing, and it has so many other capabilities like AM/FM radio and even a cassette player deck! (I need to find some cassette’s to test it out!)

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The She Shed Has a Name

DIY She Shed, She Shed Ideas, She Shed, She Shed Home Office

My husband picked up this beautiful couple on his trip to Rwanda I believe and I just love them so much! Now that I am thinking about it, I should probably give them names! Speaking of names, this DIY She Shed has a name… if you guess Cicely you are correct! I have always loved and admired Cicely Tyson. I grew up thinking she was just so beautiful and posed. She passed away around the time that I got the she shed and thought it would be a beautiful to honor her memory and contributions to culture and my life from afar! My mother ordered this canvas for me when she learned of my desire to name her Cicely. 

I have already shared on here about this bookcase which is a little IKEA hack with their Billy bookcase. I just added wallpaper to the back and LED strip lights to take it up a level. I ordered the desk, office chair, and rug from Overstock and so far they are all holding up beautifully! One of my favorite things in this room, aside from the gallery wall is the chandelier. It just reminds me of a dandelion for some reason. 

DIY Gallery Wall

I probably get asked the most about the DIY gallery wall and for good reason! It is beautiful (if I do say so myself)! I purchased all of the frames from Amazon and while their quality isn’t necessarily the best, they look great and they are definitely getting the job done! I got the art for the frames from Etsy, She is This Designs, and an acquaintance from college who is from Egypt. I will include the links for the etsy pieces below.  

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What do you use your She Shed for?

One of my favorite things about She Sheds is how versatile they are. You can literally use them for anything! When I was researching She Shed ideas I came across so many uses for them, I was seriously amazed by how creative and innovative people are. I saw some people using them as an art studio, potting shed, recording studio, home office, and more. I will be using my She Shed primarily as an office and headquarters for Stacie’s Spaces and Lunch Lady Check In. It can also be used as a lounge with the comfy chair, TV, and record player. Perhaps, it will be a lounge after hours! If you had a she shed what would you use it for? And don’t forget to check out my previous post about the costs to actually build the she shed!

  1. Ksw says:

    Cicely is an enchanting space. This color green was not a favorite of mine but thanks to you it’s moving to th top of the charts.


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