Barrette Outdoor Living Deck Update

October 28, 2021

I can hardly believe that it has been over four months since we completed our DIY deck project with Barrette Outdoor Living! It feels like we finished it up yesterday, but that it has also just always been a part of the house. I wanted to follow back up and give our opinion on the deck, its quality, and how we are using it on a daily basis. 

Barrette Outdoor Living, composite decking, composite deck review, DIY composite deck

This project took  us about three weeks to complete. We worked on it primarily in the evenings and on the weekends as the weather allowed. With more hands and/or professionals, I can easily see a deck of this size being completed faster — maybe within a week or less. We had a steep learning curve since we had never built anything like this before. Looking back, what took the longest was creating the foundation. Once that was done, we were pretty much good to go. Check out our previous deck post for more details. 

Barrette Outdoor Living, composite decking, composite deck review, DIY composite deck

I have received so many inquiries about composite decking and our experience over the past few months, so I wanted to take the time to briefly answer the most popular questions: 

How long do composite decks last?

On average, composite decks can last 25 to 30 years. This was one of our primary reasons for choosing composite decking. After seeing so many of our family and friends have to deal with maintaining wood decking over the years, we knew that was not something we wanted to do if given the choice. 

Is a composite deck worth the money?

This project was sponsored, so we did not incur the costs of the decking material. However, if we were to have purchased this product, I do feel like it would have been worth the money. The ease of installation alone for the Barrette Outdoor Living composite decking makes it worth it. Learn more about the costs associated with a composite deck. 

Is composite decking slippery when wet?

We have not experienced the deck getting very slippery when wet. I know when you look at it, you may assume that it is very slippery, but it is not. Barrette Outdoor Living features CoolTracTM which provides superior slip resistance compared to other brands in both wet and dry conditions. The decking is made with an etched wood grain that is joined with a co-extruded surface to give it more of a texturized grip. Our boys have definitely tested this out. They love to run and jump on the deck straight from the grass and have done this in both rainy and dry weather. 

Do composite decks get hot?

I cannot speak for all composite deck material, but Barrette Outdoor Living decking does not get hot. Now, it’s not cool or anything like that if the sun is blaring down on it, but it is not warm enough to be uncomfortable to the touch. Again, Barrette Outdoor Living’s CoolTrac also allows for heat to be absorbed into the deck boards more efficiently which makes their products stay cooler than other brands of composite decking. We spent many days out here this summer completely barefoot and it was amazing! The deck boards also don’t splinter, which is an added plus for barefoot summer days. 

How do you clean a composite deck? 

In Georgia, we have red clay that gets everywhere — and I do mean EVERYWHERE! All I have done to clean our deck so far is to mop it — I literally mop it using water and a mild soap. You can hose it down easily enough too — or use a sponge with mild soap for any spots that are hard to remove. 

Barrette Outdoor Living, composite decking, composite deck review, DIY composite deck

Four months in and I feel like we are still in the honeymoon phase with no end in sight! The deck, decorative panels in the pergola, and the railing are all holding up well. We have had multiple storms and a ton of wildlife and for the most part things are still so beautiful. I am excited to see how everything survives our mild Georgia winters — I am guessing it will be just fine! 



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