Green and Bold: DIY Bathroom Reveal

September 6, 2021

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The half bathroom is basically done and I love it! I started this project around this time last year with a completely different mood board and plan. As I got into it, I quickly realized that I was not going to be a fan of the outcome, so I stopped. I just stopped… I didn’t make any announcements or give any explanations as to why or when I would pick it back up. I just knew at that time that I did not like it and I did not want to waste my time any further. Looking back, I recognize that my problem was that I was trying desperately to be a neutral girl. You know, the girl on that only uses neutral colors throughout her home and has a million followers on Instagram? Truth is, there is nothing neutral about me and it was time I came to terms with that. I like color. Colors make me happy. So I am done trying to be something I am not. 

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This bathroom really feels like me and I love it. Growing up forest green was my favorite color. I have used a shade of it in my she shed and now in here and I cannot wait to find another space to use it in. I actually tried to use the she shed color originally but the color was created via color matching from a piece of fabric. Unfortunately, when I took that same piece of fabric back to get more for the bathroom they were unable to color match it. So, I walked around and chose another shade that I liked. I landed on Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams. 

I should back up and also explain that this entire design is based off of this wallpaper from Rifle Paper Co. One of my community members from Instagram shared a wallpaper from them with me for another project and I came across this one and was instantly in love! It is bold, confident, and so beautiful to me. 

I initially planned to paint the cabinets Hunt Club green as well and then decided to instead remove the paint to get back to the wood tone. Now, these cabinets are not the most expensive nor are they in the best condition. I had already painted them twice so I figured it if attempted to remove the paint and it didn’t turn out well that I could just paint them again! Thankfully, the paint came off relatively easy and paint wasn’t necessary. It’s not perfect but it looks pretty good if I say so myself!

Amazon was my go to place for most of the things I purchased for this bathroom outside of the wallpaper. I really wanted to complete this bathroom quickly since it sat in an unfinished state for almost an entire year. Everything got to me quickly and in great shape. The light fixture is super cool because you can actually flip it either way. So if I ever get bored of the way it looks I can always switch it up. 

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I also grabbed the light fixture, faucet, guest hand towel tray and the disposable hand towels, drawer pulls, and cabinet knobs from Amazon. My goal was not to clutter up the countertop and if you live with kids then you understand why. My boys are unintentionally rough. This bathroom is also the bathroom that is used most during the day and when come from outside, so it would be foolish for me to keep anything in here on the counters that would be destroyed from boy dirt. I like that all of these items were inexpensive, so if I do have to replace them, I would not be too upset. 

DIY Bathroom Refresh, DIY Bathroom, Budget DIY, Budget Bathroom Refresh

I also wanted to include a place to hang towels for our to dry our hands (the disposable hand towels are for guests only). These hooks and the Turkish towels are the perfect addition on this wall for that. I like that they can be hung a variety of ways so that my littlest guy can still reach it without issue. 

DIY Bathroom Refresh, DIY Bathroom, Budget DIY, Budget Bathroom Refresh

This toilet paper holder was so necessary for this bathroom. I love that it can hold two rolls at a time and has a cute little shelf for a cellphone or decor. Now, of course I won’t be putting any decor here that I wouldn’t want to find in the toilet but it could certainly be cute! 

I’ve compiled all of the products in my Amazon storefront. Click here to check it out! Let me know what you think and if you have any questions! 

  1. Robin says:

    Love the color..

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you!


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