Suburban Garden Oasis Plans, 2020 Spring One Room Challenge

May 7, 2020

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

It’s that time again! It is officially time for the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge. I am super excited about this DIY project. I had so much fun participating in the Fall 2019 One Room Challenge, I know this one will be even better! We are going to be tackling our garden and greenhouse area in the backyard. I have been gardening for the last few years, but recently I have gotten even more enamored with the process and the end result. I love the idea of suburban gardening and being able to really steward and utilize your land to it’s fullest potential. I am big on functionality and intentionality and so the design of this space must check both of those spaces. 

I must admit that when we embarked on this I just thought about it would like when we were done. I did not consider all of the hard work and sweat equity that would go into creating it. I mean, building an entire greenhouse isn’t too hard right? I just kept imagining how peaceful and relaxing it would be to spend hours in our backyard. To sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. I was so excited just thinking about the delicious fruit and vegetables that we would grow back there. I forgot all about the long days and evenings that we would have to work to make it happen. 

Garden plans, suburban gardening, suburban garden, One Room Challenge

Thankfully, we also remember where we started and that memory alone has done well to propel us further. This space was largely inhabited by trees. In our first two years of living here we had over 30 trees cut down. Believe it or not, there are still several trees that I would like to have removed. Just the thought that when we first moved in we were not even able to walk back here, let alone have the kids play safely in the yard. We have made so much progress and even more to go after this phase of projects, but we are here! 

Garden plans, suburban gardening, suburban garden, One Room Challenge

We have already started with transforming this space. The first thing we did was to redo our garden beds. We completely dismantled them and rebuilt them while adding three more to the mix. We effectively doubled (if not tripled) our space to grow fruits and vegetables and this time around we used cedar to ensure they would last.

Garden plans, suburban gardening, suburban garden, One Room Challenge

I created a mood board to collect my thoughts and plans for this backyard update. While I love the way the mood board looks, I can already feel the overwhelm building from the projects I have planned. I can also see myself adding projects and potentially changing things up as things progress. For now, this is what I have planned.

Garden plans, suburban gardening, suburban garden, One Room Challenge

I fell in love with the design of Wild Blue Indigo’s garden a while ago. I love the symmetrical design, the shapes, and the neatness of her garden and raised beds. It is absolutely gorgeous! While I love the design, I also realized fairly quickly that it would not be one that I can replicate because I have a lot less growing space. So I will do my own version that works with the space that I have available. (And if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have figured out a solution for my squirrel problem in the garden… it involves PVC pipes and netting!)

Garden plans, suburban gardening, suburban garden, One Room Challenge

Next, we will be working on the greenhouse build. This project will most likely take the longest. We decided to do a greenhouse kit build using a kit from a local hardware store (a Harbor Freight greenhouse kit) instead of creating our own DIY greenhouse plans from scratch. We do have several ideas to jazz it up a bit and I am pretty excited about that. There are so many designs out there for backyard greenhouses. I would love for this greenhouse to be functional and beautiful! Most of the time will go into making sure the foundation is strong and sturdy, while also raising it about a foot. The color of the aluminum frame in the kit is silver so we will be spray painting it black and adding wood trim. The sliding door will also be converted to a regular door. I am super excited about this DIY greenhouse as it will give me the option to grow food year round in a relatively small space. 

Greenhouse, DIY Greenhouse build, Greenhouse kit, Harbor Freight Greenhouse kit

My dream would be to have a cute little porch in front of the greenhouse. A place where I can have a few planters, maybe a cute little chair. However, that is not in the budget and this is a pretty small greenhouse. Instead, we are going to build two planters out of some spare plywood that we have in the garage. I found some plans that seem fairly simple and straightforward. I think they will add a nice pop of color and more planting space to the garden. 

DIY planter, DIY Plywood planter, Plywood planter, One Room Challenge

The next piece of the puzzle is a little something for the kids. They love to be outside and could easily spend hours creating, imagining, and playing. I want to have a little space in the garden area that would allow them to continue doing that where I can also keep an eye on them while I am working. I am hoping to keep this project relatively low cost if not, free using materials that we already have., chalkboard paint and scrap wood. This outdoor chalkboard wall is going to be the perfect addition. I cannot wait to make it and see how they use it over the years. 

Outdoor chalkboard wall, DIY chalkboard wall, Chalkboard wall, One Room Challenge

So, there you have it… our plans for this round of the One Room Challenge. I cannot wait to until it is all done and we get to enjoy it! What do you think of our plans? Anything you would change, add, or do differently? After you give your feedback, head over and check out the other participants! 

  1. Torie says:

    This looks so cool! Can’t Wait to see your progress.

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you Tori! I cannot wait for it to be finished!

  2. Nicole says:

    I can’t wait to see your outdoor space come together Stacie! This is a dream that I’ll be living through you!

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you Nicole! I am looking forward to enjoying this space, especially this summer!

  3. Nicole Wright says:

    I cant wait to see how it turns out, I want to build my greenhouse so bad. Soon I hope

    • stacie.walker says:

      Yay! I hope you are able to do it soon as well!

  4. Gbeke says:

    OH My! Your backyard is HUGE!!!!! I love it and I can’t wait to see it when it’s all done.

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you Gbeke! I am ready for it be done! This will just be one of many phases!

  5. Laurel says:

    I’m doing a garden for the ORC too! I love your space so much. That greenhouse is going to be such an asset. I’m so looking forward to following along your journey!

    • stacie.walker says:

      That’s awesome! I am going to check your plans out!

  6. Jackie says:

    A greenhouse!?? That’s amazing, cant wait to see it all come together

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you Jackie! I am super excited about it!

  7. This is gonna be such a fun backyard! I can’t wait to see that greenhouse

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you Lindsey! I think I will be spending alot of time out there!

  8. Camille says:

    Following! looks great

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you so much Camille!

  9. Kyla Herbes says:

    Oh wow! I so wish I had a green thumb. Totally keeping an eye on your ORC!

    • stacie.walker says:

      You can grow things! We all can!

  10. Holly V. says:

    An Outdoor chalkboard – how sweet! can’t wait to see the final reveal – it’s going to be gorgeous! Excited to be doing the challenge alongside you 🙂

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you! I need to go and check out your project!

  11. Rachel Joy says:

    Those modern raised beds will be so awesome! Excited to see what you do with your space!

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you so much!

  12. Loving your design concept and looking forward to things coming together! I wish I had a green thumb and patience for a garden. maybe some day! I decided on my backyard TOO for tHE ORC.

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you! All of my plans have changed but I am excited about those changes!


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