Super Easy DIY Light Pendant

March 6, 2020

This DIY is so super easy that I hesitated to make a post for it. I literally purchased two items from Amazon and put them together. I mean it seriously is like the easiest thing I have ever done.

I purchased this lighting kit and this DIY chandelier kit. The DIY chandelier kit contains all of the pieces that you need. It is pretty self-explanatory but I should mention that the instructions did not include words… just pictures. I mean that is just how basic the assembly was.

The kit included these pieces along with the inner piece that you just connect. Check out the video below for a quick time lapse of me putting this super simple light pendant together.

Once the chandelier was assembled it was time to attach the lighting kit and hang it. It was so super easy and pretty self-explanatory. I would love to see if you try it!



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