2021 Gift Guide: For the Sports Obsessed Kid

November 3, 2021

I usually don’t do gift guides. Partially because they seemed like too much work and partially because so many people do them and I don’t want to put anything out there that you may have seen already a million times. However, this year, I decided to give them a try. I realized that when I create wishlists for my kids to give to relatives or to use as a guide for my own gift shopping I am essentially creating gift guides. So why not share them!

Each of my boys have very different personalities and varied interests. While there is some overlap in what they like and play with, they have each self-identified themselves as a sports guy, science guy, and art guy. I thought it would be cool to group the gifts on the gift guides accordingly. I’ve decided to share the gift guides in three installments starting with the sports guy below!

Mini Basketball Hoop with Rebounder and Ball

This is could be the perfect gift for your little hooper. This specific hoop works well for rooms with limited space. My favorite part is the automatic rebounder. If you’ve every played with an over the door hoop then you know that those balls bounce all over the place! I think it would be so cool to have the ball returned directly without all of the running around.

Kids Auto Baseball Pitching Machine

I absolutely love this for baseball enthusiasts! I can see my boys having an endless amount of fun with this in the backyard. I think this would be the perfect gift for a child that is beyond t-ball but not quite ready for more.

Dart Board for Kids

I am all about finding games that don’t take up a lot of space and that will keep the kids entertained for long periods of time. I love that this is a safer version of darts but still gives them the feel of playing the big kid version.

Mini Golf Putting Game

I really want my kids to get into golf. I mean how cute is this miniature putting green? I can already see them “peacefully” taking turns to improve their putting skills!

ESPN Indoor Basketball Arcade Game

This will be a show stopper for sure on Christmas morning! I cannot wait to see my little guy’s face when he opens this one. I foresee hours of competitive play in our future! I also like that this can easily fold up when we need more floor space.

Zoom Ball Zip It to Rip It

I feel like this came out when I was a kid and I wanted one and never got it. Perhaps now is the time? I am a fan of classic and simple toys, especially toys that remind me of my own childhood. I also like that this toy involves two people so it will encourage teamwork and cooperation.

Archery Game Set

I grabbed this for my youngest son (4). He has superhero moments and I can see him running around now with his bow and arrow “attacking” the bad guys… which will hopefully just be the target. This can be played both inside and outside so the fun with this can literally go on all day.

Capture the Flag Game

This is another game that takes me back to childhood. This would be perfect for a group of competitive children and/or adults. In our case, it will probably be a family activity.

Spin N Putt Golf Set

This is another golf game with an added challenge. It kind of reminds me of the kids’ bowling games at arcades with the different holes for the balls. This game would be cool for the kid that wants to take their putt putt game up a notch.

Hover LED Air Soccer Set

I think these are great rainy day activities. My boys all love to play soccer in the backyard, but when it is too rainy or slippery outside they are in soccer withdrawal. This set will be awesome for those days and should for sure keep them busy for a while.

Tabletop Lighted Foosball Game

Who doesn’t love a good foosball game? This game is super cute and the added lights make it even more fun. I think it would be super fun to play this in the dark with the lights illuminating the game like a soccer stadium.

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