The Basement

August 2, 2019

It all started in the basement. Joe and I had recently moved into the basement apartment of a friend of a friend’s. I was about seven months pregnant with our second son and our oldest son was just one years old. I was miserable. Of course, being pregnant in July in Georgia is already miserable but I felt like we were in a dungeon, both literally and figuratively.

Those were some of the darkest days for our marriage and I often wondered if we would make it through. Joe was going through career changes and I was still deeply mourning the loss of our first child, our daughter. What is even crazier is that the neighborhood of the basement apartment was RIGHT NEXT to the cemetery where she is buried. 

In that season, I learned to really press into God, even though it was SO HARD! I was angry. Why were we in this place? Why did we have to endure all that we endured in our young lives and even younger marriage? Naturally, you look back and think about all of the decisions that you have made and wonder if it is something that you have done that led you to where you are. Were my mistakes and shortcomings so horrible that it resulted in my current circumstances? We lived below ground, but I literally felt like we were below ground and I could not see a way out. I felt so stuck. 

During that time, I heard The Lord communicating so clearly to me that I needed to shift my attitude and perspective. This is when my desire for the meaning and for true understanding of Biblical stewardship and its application came to life. This blog, my home, my social media accounts are all tools for the exploration and implementation of stewardship. Those days in the basement were preparation for where I am now and I believe we all have a basement season to prepare us for life above ground. A season where we are living in obscurity while God works within us. I look back on those days now with so much gratefulness and a full heart, because it literally led to a miracle. 



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