Homeschool Room Update

August 8, 2022

A new school year is upon us and we have chosen to continue homeschooling. I go back and forth in my mind about this decision almost daily. I can see so many benefits obviously to homeschooling, however, I can also see the benefits to sending them to school in person. For now, this is what we are doing and I plan to make the best of it. 

This will technically be our third year homeschooling, however, I really don’t feel like the first two years counted. Obviously, 2020 was a hot mess and in 2021, I attempted to send them to a local private school and hated it so I brought them back home after the first week. That meant that I was literally scrambling at the last minute to find curriculum and to come up with a solid plan. This year feels different. I have been able to plan in advance, I am easing out of my covid induced bubble, and I am trying to approach things with a renewed mind. One of the first things that I wanted to do was to address one of the major things that bothered me… our homeschool desk. 

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Like most homeschool families, we do school all over the house and outside of the house. So our homeschool room serves as more of a hub. The desk was a cluttered mess and I knew that was something that needed to change immediately. We spruced this area up a bit last year and added the pegboard wall with the baskets and all of the things to organize us. It was cute for a minute but ultimately it just became an eyesore. The boys would just stuff their books and papers into the baskets and not only did it look horrible, but they were also tearing their curriculum books up. I like the idea of the pegboard wall and even of the book ledge above, but those baskets had to go! 

Shop the Homeschool Room

I ran over to Target and grabbed some mini whiteboards and knew that they would be perfect for that space and for our schooling needs. For some reason, kids just love to write on whiteboards. We use whiteboards for just about every subject, even their Spanish teacher requires access to a whiteboard. I attached them with the velcro stickies that came in the package and I love that we can take them off and put them back up as needed. I have also contemplated writing their daily to do list on there and having them check off tasks as they complete them. The options are endless! LOL! 

With that simple switch, I am feeling so much better about the space and this upcoming school year. There is something so powerful about a clear and focused mind and a clutter free space! If you homeschool are you making any changes to your space this year?



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