DIY Floating Acrylic Frame for Our Family’s Mission Statement

July 2, 2020

I have always wanted a floating acrylic frame, but I have not always been a fan of the price of the ones I have seen at stores. I just love the clean look of them and how they elevate just about any space they are used in. I have been trying to figure out a way for a few weeks to incorporate at least one frame in our home. One day I was sitting on the couch and glanced over at our family mission statement hanging in our entryway and I knew that would be the perfect project! 

I set out to find a tutorial on creating this frame and I stumbled across this one from A Beautiful Mess. I liked how simple and straightforward this tutorial was. I liked even more how budget friendly it was! So I decided to try it! 

My husband and I developed this mission statement years ago, right after our first son was born. It was important to us to have something written down that clearly stated what we were about and how we were choosing to focus our energy. Our mission statement includes our biggest values, some of our goals, and highlights some of the characteristics we hope to embody and cultivate in our children. 

DIY Floating Acrylic Frame, DIY Acrylic Frame, Family Mission Statement

When it came time to take the original frame down and redesign the whole thing, I asked my husband if he thought we should change anything. We both read over it again and decided that it was still relevant and still very much something we were actively using to help guide our family forward. At that moment, I knew we had something good! LOL! I did a quick redesign and got it printed out. 

DIY Floating Acrylic Frame, DIY Acrylic Frame, Family Mission Statement

I ordered sign stand offs and I love the way they look! They are hexagon shaped, bronze pieces of hardware and they look so custom and unique against the simple acrylic frame. They were also a decent price which as you probably know by now, is a great thing for us!

DIY Floating Acrylic Frame, DIY Acrylic Frame, Family Mission Statement

I thought it would be cool to include a few of our tips on creating a family mission statement that is relevant and that everyone can commit to:

  1. Do it together. I have the tendency to want to do things on my own, which is fine if you are single, but not so good if you are married. Set aside time, a date night, overnight excursion, etc. to discuss your family with your spouse. 
  2. Identify a few priorities or focus points. Write these words down as they come to mind. 
  3. Think about your children, future children, and future years together. What do you want to be a common theme? What do you want your days to be filled with? 
  4. Keep it simple. Avoid trying to overly complicate it and sound super scholarly. Use words your kids will be able to understand. 
  5. Write it down, print it out, make it visible! Place it somewhere in your home where everyone can see it as they come, go, and hang out! 

Check this quick video out to see how I put this DIY Floating Acrylic Frame together:


Your Printed Family Mission Statement

Sign Standoff Hardware 

Glue Dots

Acrylic Sheet ( you can find these at multiple places depending on what size you want. I found mine at my local hardware store and did not have to get it cut down). 

If you decide create a family mission statement I would love to hear about it! Follow me on Instagram and send me a DM if you create one! 



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