DIY Budget Bathroom Refresh for Less than $250

August 24, 2020

I have been waiting to redo this bathroom since we moved in. Well, I actually thought I did redo it and that attempt seriously fell flat! I mean, I had very good intentions, but it just did not work out. A total bathroom renovation is not in our budget right now, nor do I think it is necessary to really bring this bathroom some life! So instead of a full bathroom remodel, I am finally doing what I am calling a little refresh!

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So, I painted the cabinet in here and did ALL the WRONG things! I cleaned the cabinet but I did not sand or prime it. I did not even take off the doors to paint them! I am telling you I did all of the things wrong! Needless to say, the cabinet quickly started chipping and peeling and I was so disappointed! 

After living with it in this condition for awhile, I’m finally going to refresh it! I am so excited, but there is a catch! My hubby has challenged me to do it with a budget of just $250! Yes, this is definitely a budget DIY project! So that means I have to get both creative and resourceful! Thankfully, I have a plan!

  1. Stencil the upper portions of the bathroom walls. 
  2. Add DIY board and batten wall treatment to the lower portions of the bathroom walls. 
  3. Paint the board and batten. 
  4. Repaint the bathroom vanity. 
  5. Change out the hardware on the cabinet. 
  6. Take down and spray paint the old light fixture and replace globes. 
  7. Spray paint the faucet. 
  8. Hang new mirror. 
  9. Change light switch and outlet plates. 
  10. Hang art, new towel, and do any finishing touches. 

Does all of that sound possible for less than $250? The good thing is that I am going to try my best to use leftover materials for most of the work. For example, we recently did a board and batten treatment in another room, so I am going to just take what is left and do the same thing in the bathroom. I am also using leftover paint for the stencil work and potentially for the cabinet as well. For some reason, I have a ton of spray paint so I am just going to check my stash and figure something out for this DIY bathroom refresh.  

Here is my estimated budget breakdown:

$50 stencil 

$50 paint

$75 mirror

$25 light globes

$50 rug

$250 total 

There is not much wiggle room there, but I am hoping to not surpass that budget. Check out my mood board for this space and leave your thoughts below! And don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram so that you can follow along with my progress!

DIY Bathroom, DIY Bathroom Refresh, DIY Budget Bathroom Refresh, Budget DIY

  1. Ria says:

    I wish you luck with this Challenge. I know you will Do amazingly.

    • stacie.walker says:

      Thank you so much!


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